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We are Auto Air Conditioning Unit Specialists.

We can recharge, re-gas service and repair your auto air conditioning system.

Do you know you should re-gas your auto air conditioning unit at least once every 18 months?

Odd smells coming from the air conditioning fans can be a sign of bacterial build up. An aging car and also periods of inactivity on the air conditioning unit can cause mould, fungi, micro-organisms and bacteria to start growing in the air conditioning unit.

This could potentially cause you health issues; headaches, flu like symptoms or other illnesses. With our comprehensive air conditioning service we utilise an anti-bacterial treatment which ensures this problem is resolved. Then we can re-gas your air conditioning unit.

If you feel your car is not cold enough then it may be necessary to service or recharge your air conditioning system. Most air conditioning units lose about 15% gas per year over time, the leakage generally occurs when the system has not been used over winter months, which causes the O ring seals to deteriorate by drying out and cracking.

The gas refrigerant actually carries oil which keeps the seals and hoses moist. We can check for any leakage on your system, and if necessary refill with gas refrigerant.

If your air conditioning unit is making strange noises, then it should be seen to immediately. Some noise can be early symptoms of compressor failure. If the compressor seizes or the bearings break down, it could end up with the other components of your air conditioning system becoming contaminated with metal particles, which would require flushing the system.

As the compressor is the most expensive part of your air conditioning unit it could leave you with a hefty bill if not serviced regularly.

Actually annual servicing of your air conditioning unit is just as important as servicing your car, the system compressor requires oil or it can seize, the filters get dirty as well as blocked with moisture and debris. So regular maintenance will ensure you comfort in the hottest months.